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Imagine sitting with a mentor who has the ability to understand how you work, see you for who you really are and ask questions that even you didn’t know needed answering.  Now imagine that after answering those questions, you have the clarity and vision to move beyond your current roadblock or to enrich a rocky relationship.

Are you confused about your skills and passions?  Do you know where you best fit for vocational opportunities?

I can help.

Are you frustrated by the communication with your Significant Other or the lack thereof?

I can help.

Have you made big plans based on big dreams only to find yourself stalled?

I can help.

Discover the key components of who you are and how you are designed to live.  Gain personal insights that prevent drift and create mission and purpose based on your unique story.  My use of Myer’s Briggs and Enneagram personality typing is much more in-depth than the casual social uses.

Invest in yourself. Book time today to get the clarity you’ve been searching for.

Unless you are certain of your personality type, I recommend beginning with the Profile Assessment.

While in-person sessions are preferred, virtual sessions via FaceTime, Skype. or Google Hangouts can be arranged.


Bob Mudd

CFO and Director of Program, Adventures in Missions

As the leader of the World Race, a missions and personal development program that deploys nearly 900 millennials into 60 countries around the world each Read More...

year, I have found no other person more gifted at equipping our leaders than Betsy Garmon. She has the ability ‘see inside’ a person, bring them to self awareness and perspective resulting in them being able to unleash their skills and gifts for the good of others.

Her investment in our our leaders and coaches is highly leveraged and has impacted thousands of people involved in our program.

Susan Fleck


Most of us have dreams and aspirations that lie buried beneath a pile of troubled thoughts, waiting to be found, dusted off and polished into the gifts that they truly are. Betsy is the digger, finder and tool giver to help in that Read More...


Last year (2016) ushered in many good but seismic changes for me, including finalizing the divorce of my husband of 30 years, the death of my artist father in June, the end of a two-year relationship which, while it served a higher purpose, needed to happen, my only son moving to the other side of the US, loss of a job that I loved, moving three times, loss of several places I considered home, AND the birth of a rapidly and effortlessly written novel. An accomplishment that felt at times like an albatross I did not know how to handle.

I met Betsy at the restaurant where I work and we struck up a conversation about what it’s like to be creative beings in this world. I told her about my novel, and knew that our happenstance meeting was inspired. Weeks later, I purchased two hours of her time, sat down in her comfy wing back chair in her private session room and watched in amazement as she stood at her desk and rolled out a table length stretch of brown wrapping paper. She strategically placed a container of colored Sharpies at one end, retrieved a black one and began mapping out her intuitions as she asked a series of insightful and thought provoking questions about my childhood, my siblings, my young adult years, my college experience, my marriage and my work experience. Minutes turned into hours and by the end of our session, Betsy had transcribed a color coded plethora of thoughts, ideas and revelations onto the long sheet of paper. We talked about what I needed to focus on first. I had the priceless gift of direction. And hope.

Betsy is a true coach who uses the expression “we,” often. Her method is a manageable step-by-step process, designed to be accomplished at your own pace, allowing you to achieve your goals in a time frame that works for you. Betsy’s coaching includes far more than her valuable insight and inspiration. Her impressive list of professional contacts in the creative arts, publishing and corporate arena are also a plus.

For anyone who feels “stuck” in their life, Betsy provides a safe, nurturing, inspiring place from which to begin the journey out. It is a profoundly good investment in yourself. One that I would highly recommend to anyone who has walked a mile in their own shoes.

JohnMark Conklin


Before I met Betsy, it felt like I had all these puzzle pieces but had no idea how to connect them, and further, had no idea what the puzzle was even supposed to look like. I have spent time in counseling, as well as executive  Read More...

coaching but nobody has been able to connect the dots like Betsy. Through my time with her, I have found more clarity than I ever have before about who I am and what I was made to do. I have found a deeper peace and a more cohesive sense of self – personally and professionally. I can honestly say, investing in coaching with Betsy Garmon has been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. Take the leap; it’ll change your life.