Art is Life is Art: endings are beginnings

My new late-summer tradition is a letter from the HOA reprimanding me for the “weeds” in my flower beds.

Ah, clip-board-lady they are weeds to you, but to me, they are:

* Perching Places.  for the Yellow Finch and his mate.  They visit every year.  {although maybe by now it’s his son and daughter-in-law or a distant cousin.}

* Provision.  for aforementioned birds and, once the seeds fall to the ground, their friends who prefer to eat on the ground.  Sunflowers are by far the favorite.

* Winter Interest.  Have you ever seen echinacea spikes and daisy stems covered in frost??

* Hope.  And a reminder of my life.  Because even though the whole mess looks dead and messy, really, it is full of life.  It feeds and nurtures and stands {well, sort of droops} as a reminder of the blooms that will return in the Spring.

endings are beginnings

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I create containers for words and paint and I fill them. I craft safe, sacred spaces for people to wrestle, create, heal and shout from the mountain tops.
And I teach people to do all of these things for themselves.

  • jackie chappell

    <3 ..

  • jackie chappell

    thoughts and excitment about your new studio ..
    your first new class ..
    your plans for principles that you want to get across with your “students’ ..
    praying .. and .. praising with you !
    special love ..
    jackie =)

    • Jackie – thank you so much for the thoughts sent our way. The studio is progressing slowly – new floors get poured later this month. It will be exciting watching it come together.
      Workshops and classes are tumbling forward. And I continue to be delighted by the artists and pages all around!


  • Tell chip-board lady I will come beat her up if she keeps on. I can do it, trust me. Or else lets drag up a car and a bunch of rusty old stuff. I can do that too. You are a creative blessing. I will tell her that too.

    • Love me some Bonnie Holley! This made me lol. We both know I need to get myself out to the country soon. 😉