Behind the Pages {Jan 10-18}

I am slowly falling into the groove of putting everything into one place.  {currently the Exacompta journal}  Slowly.  It’s like learning a dance; I now know the steps, but still step on toes.  Often.  Here are last week’s pages.  I’m a little slow in posting them, because Rands & I took a weekend trip and I was away from the scanner and comp.  And actually, it’s more than a week’s worth of pages because I’ve included pages {in progress} from the trip.

Scanned Image 100210000

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Soren Kierkgaard   This quote has been my facebook status for a week now.  It’s what my journals are about: living and simultaneously making sense of it.  This page is combination of a Sudoku page that I worked in the middle of the night + gesso + watercolor + ink + an image.  The writing is done with the fountain pen that Rands got me for Christmas.  The ink is Sailor Jentle Ink in Blue Black.  I love this ink on the plain Exacompta pages but on top of the paint & Mod Podge… not so much.  Have switched to Sharpies, Faber Castel PITT pens & Prismacolor Premier Markers {LOVE the brown ink}

Scanned Image 100210006

This was another learning page.  I started out with some old scrapbook paper that I just wanted as an under layer, but it acted funny in the crease, so I tore {or tried to tear} off a strip.  {See the interesting texture top-middle}  Am finding that I need to be a bit more gentle with this paper than the cardstock in the Moleskine sketch.  Especially when using glue & watercolor.   Layers are from watercolor, acrylic, coffee sleeve, tea tag and a 2004 photo.  {My brain randomly remembered the green sweater…Note to self:  The color green is showing up again.}

Scanned Image 100210002

Tabbed Master-To-Do-List & a diary page.  Sketch on the right is detail from the fireplace in our room.  {I love the paper in this journal for pencil sketches!}  Another note to self:  #4B Tombow drawing pencil needs to be sealed.

Scanned Image 100210003

Notes & diary entries on an almost plain page.  {Giving myself permission to do this.}  Am learning that sometimes the thing is to capture information and moments.  {Not every page has to be an Extravaganza; at times a simple capture is enough.}

Scanned Image 100210004

Raw Umber watercolor pencil & coffee wash.  When I keep things like doilies with coffee rings & coasters, I can frustrate R.  I think it’s better if I make a page right away rather than keep a stash of stuff that looks like trash to him.  {at least when we’re traveling together.}

Scanned Image 100210005

Pencil & ink.  & more proof that drawing pencils must be sealed.  “The natural rhythm of this stage is slow and if you can come to  appreciate this and accept the gifts of deep rest then this experience can even be welcomed.  The tasks for stage one are:  Waiting, keeping faith, trusting the process and being patient with poor performance.” {Quote from The Mandala Workbook by Susan F. Fincher}

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I create containers for words and paint and I fill them. I craft safe, sacred spaces for people to wrestle, create, heal and shout from the mountain tops.
And I teach people to do all of these things for themselves.

  • Thanks for sharing your journal pages and words. Its true (sometimes the thing is to capture information and moments) and for me capturing feelings too~ I love the quotes you have listed from Susan F. Fincher and Soren Kierkgaard, they really ring true.

    • Theresa – thanks for stopping by! I have kept all sorts of different journals over the years. This is my first attempt at keeping everything in one place. I’m learning to relax and just fill the book as I live.

  • These pages are beautiful! I found your site thanks to Quote Garden. One of your quotes is referenced there and I followed the link here. It is a beautiful place you have created and I look forward to visiting often.

    Have a wonderful day,

    • Jennifer, Thanks for stopping by! I post a combination of journal pages & whatever strikes my creative fancy. You’re welcome any time.

  • Lee Ann

    Ok…this kicked me in the proverbial art-journal bootay! Thanks, my precious friend. We need another R/B fix…already!!! Love ya!!!!

    • Hey Lee Ann!

      Always glad to help inspire/kick in the journal bootay! Yes, we need another LA/D fix!

  • Pepper The Strange

    Wow these are beautiful! You’ve got a real gift, there Betsy.

  • Pepper The Strange

    This is so beautiful! I was looking over these and had an impulse to start scrap booking again. My scrapbook pages aren’t nearly as pretty or professional looking as yours, but i had fun! 🙂

    • “Pepper” – I think art journaling isn’t so much about making pages look a certain way as grabbing a hold of an emotion or an event. Glad you’re having fun!

  • Right, thanks Betsy! 🙂