Behind the pages: Move.

A very dear college friend has discovered the world of art journaling.  {Yay! LA} And she jumped into the deep end of the pool by creating a facebook group that gives weekly prompts.  She’s asked me to help administrate, which I am joyfully doing!  This past week’s prompt {and the first of this journey that she and I are sharing} is the word, MOVE.

I had a decorated page with no text that was waiting at the very end of my current journal, so I used it.  {since today is Saturday and LA is giving us a new prompt tomorrow.}


The written text reads as follows:

“I am a thinker and a planner.  I like to UNDERSTAND before I take Action.

just MOVE ——->

sometimes I will think and plan AND NEVER START.

I don’t like mistakes and seemingly perfect people really freak me out.  Which is all a jumble of the same idea.

Nothing will ever be PERFECT.

{Detail added to background word PLAY:  On a side note, I forget to play.}

"Nothing will ever be PERFECT"

on a side note, I forget to play

Materials:  Background painted with Delta craft paint color Territorial Beige, layered with Windsor & Newton Cotman Water Colours and Staedtler Watercolor Crayons.  {the black circles are from the bottom of the watercolor crayon twisted dry onto wet paper.} Grey circles are from the dirty water swirled around on the page.  The green collage element is torn from a yoga magazine and glued in with matte Mod Podge.  The gold is tissue paper.  {Even  though it’s matte sealer, the page is still shiny and hard to photograph…}  Pens used:  ZIG Opaque Writer in white and a Pilot G2 {0.38}

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About the Author:

I create containers for words and paint and I fill them. I craft safe, sacred spaces for people to wrestle, create, heal and shout from the mountain tops.
And I teach people to do all of these things for themselves.

  • First: How can I become part of the facebook group? *grin*

    Second: (which should probably have been first, but no perfection here, either)… Love the close up shots with your thoughts.

    Next: Is the book cover made from fabric? Tres cools.

    You inspire. Thanks for that… and so much more.

  • Hey Wendy-friend

    First: fb group is called Joy in the Journey: Art Journal Prompts. {I’ll be sure and invite you.}

    Second: I used to scan my pages, but like the way the selective focus looks. Plus, I can share bits and pieces. {and blur out private stuff.}

    Next: Yes, the book is fabric. It’s some sort of pleather on the outside and fleece on the inside. The cover is hand-painted. It was this year’s Mother’s Day present from my kids. A handmade journal that The Girl found on Etsy made by a buyer in Romania. I’ve enjoyed it!

    So glad to hear that there is a bit of inspiration here. Can’t wait to see your pages!


  • very beautiful!