Chicken Recipe: Rotel Chicken

Rotel Chicken

This is one of the recipes that R asked me to get from his mom when we first got married.  {Don’t be afraid of the Velveeta.}  I haven’t made it years, but my friend Pam asked for it, so I dug it out of my very first flower covered recipe box.

Rotel Chicken recipe card Bake at 350 * for 30 min or until heated through.


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  • sounds yummy Betsy. I love the smudges….looks a lot like my recipes:)

    • Hey Lane!

      Thanks for stopping by. I started to re-copy the card, but decided that since the smudges were authentic, I’d just scan it. 🙂

  • Pepper The Strange

    Now i know what to do with all that Velveeta my dad buys and no one likes! LOL Thanks!