Mandala Monday: Mandalas for conversation & processing.


“The crucial variable in the process of turning knowledge into value is creativity.”
John Kao

Last week was a big week for processing.  {And that sentence is just too small to contain the shift and movement that I know are coming!}  It’s actually been a HUGE week for processing.  Which means lots of time in the pages and a couple of long conversations with my long-time, heart friend, Candi.  These mandalas were drawn while she and I were having epic phone conversations.  {One of those times was literally in the middle of the night, when we realized that we were both awake.  Thank you twitter.}

I often draw during conversation or when I’m taking notes.   The rhythm of drawing mandalas soothes my bouncing brain and keeps me present.  Of course if something strikes me, I write it down, thus these mandalas are surrounded by lists of books to read, wisdom and insights from dear friends and the thoughts and dreams that ultimately emerge in the entire process.

Mandala 5Jan2012 {acrylic, paper scraps, Pilot Precise V5 extra fine, Derwent watersoluble Graphitone & metallics}

Today’s list – January Books:

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron {re-visiting w a friend.  Still full of wisdom and movement.}

The Mandala Workbook by Susan Fincher {I think I’ll just keep cycling through these exercises.  Beautiful & deep}

The book of Ephesians by St. Paul {Oh, I love to study…}

A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor {The Bluestocking Babes are reading short stories}

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I create containers for words and paint and I fill them. I craft safe, sacred spaces for people to wrestle, create, heal and shout from the mountain tops.
And I teach people to do all of these things for themselves.

  • Elizabeth

    Must say, I loathed A Good Man is Hard to Find.

    But, I adore you and your insights and your beautiful art and that you share it all.

    • Hey Liz! The Bluestocking Babes are taking a field trip to Flannery O’Connor’s house here in GA, so we’re reading some short stories. I expect mixed reviews. {As usual!}

      As we’ve talked many times, art is simultaneously private and crying out to share. You’ll note that my journal pages are sometimes oddly cropped – my private heart. But right beside my guarded place is the knowing that there is value in reminding each other that we are not alone on the journey and little bits of beauty and authenticity matter in this life. Love you my friend!

  • Blue. Beautiful Monday Mandalas.

    Have you read Found Art by Leanna Tankersly? Discovered it a few months ago and loved it.

    • Penny – I’ll check it out! Always looking for inspiration from other artists. And thanks for the Blue Mandala love. 🙂