“I am learning to just put my thoughts on where I am, instead of going back or worrying forward. To grab what is in front of me right now. The feel of my pillow. Sand under my toes. Stop for the photo. Say the words. Hug the boy. Squeeze the girl. Forgive myself for not being enough and embrace The One Who Is.”

Wrote this to a friend a couple of years ago.  {And thought of it again when I realized that everything on my list of what-I-would-like-to-do-in-2010 required my “staying present”.}

3267336950_3abe1d27fa_oJanuary is an odd time for me – mostly because I went from college to the homeschool lifestyle and am still on an American school calendar.  January doesn’t really feel like a beginning; it feels like the middle.  A list of goals and resolutions seems out of place.  {That’s more of a September thing.}  Thus, I rarely make resolutions in January.  {I’m usually  in the midst of working on September’s goals.}

What I do in January is look for themes.  It seems the Big Idea for 2009 around here was REPAIR.  We used lots of duct tape, diagnostics & contractors.  It’s been an inside out kind of year with  a lot of introspection and fixing.  Looking forward, it looks like the theme is CLARITY.  {I’ll let you know if that’s still the case come March & August…and what comes into focus.}

Now that our floors are solid and walls repaired, I have a simple list for 2010.  It includes:

* a few old dreams

* and some new visions

* the ubiquitous shedding of a few pounds

* and the gaining of an undergraduate degree {I’m on the 25 year plan…}

I want to:

* write more letters & care less about the opinions of others

* eat more slow food & less fast lifestyle

I hope to:

* plant food not bitterness

* hold Baby Charlotte and not grudges

* make art daily

* pray constantly

* live well

* make a difference

* be

Happy 2010! {in 2 hours}