Find your tribe.  Love them hard.  ~the interwebs

Tuesday 12 May 2016


Gathering with people who are your people is the best.

I gathered with like-minded friends this evening.

People who swim in the deep waters.  People who are not afraid of intuition and metaphor.

IMG_5195 (1)

We discussed a book that we all love and we cheerfully followed all the rabbit trails and non sequiturs.

I used to think that tribe would fall into my lap.  That they would come find me in my cave.


I have had to go look.

I’ve had to endure rejection and heartache.

Now, I pay attention to who reads the same books and who loves the same things.

[maybe your thing isn’t books.  maybe it’s running lots of miles or playing the spoons]

Whatever it is, reach out.

photo 2

Open your heart even a little. Weigh and measure.  [just enough to be smart.]

Take a risk. [just enough to be brave.]

And sometimes like this time, it works out splendidly.

I hope that you find your tribe.

I hope you love them hard.


BE in your life,