My new late-summer tradition is a letter from the HOA reprimanding me for the “weeds” in my flower beds.

Ah, clip-board-lady they are weeds to you, but to me, they are:

* Perching Places.  for the Yellow Finch and his mate.  They visit every year.  {although maybe by now it’s his son and daughter-in-law or a distant cousin.}

* Provision.  for aforementioned birds and, once the seeds fall to the ground, their friends who prefer to eat on the ground.  Sunflowers are by far the favorite.

* Winter Interest.  Have you ever seen echinacea spikes and daisy stems covered in frost??

* Hope.  And a reminder of my life.  Because even though the whole mess looks dead and messy, really, it is full of life.  It feeds and nurtures and stands {well, sort of droops} as a reminder of the blooms that will return in the Spring.

endings are beginnings