STiiill in the midst of The-Grand-Fruit-Basket-Turnover – new floors start in about a week.  Until then, I’m going through old homeschool books {and those boxes of misc. papers that I never dealt with at the end of every school year…}  I’m throwing MOST of it away, but have found a couple of treasures in the midst of it all.  These were my favorites from yesterday.

Treasure - Ande's chicken

The Girl used to draw kitties and chickens. love the beak on this guy! I think I cut this one out, but who knows, she had some amazing scissor skills.


The Brilliants used to be superheroes often. {Still are actually…} Notice the receiving blanket cape on the Aussie Brilliant? And yeah, #1 was rockin’ a messenger bag waaay before it was the Indie-hipster thing to do.