Was syncing my phone a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised to see that I have been taking daily photos with my phone all month long.  {I had dropped the habit somewhere at the end of 2010…}   I attribute this renewal to the fact that I added the Instagram application to my iPhone.  Of course, some of images are my Daily Garmon Food Photos, but others are snapshots from my daily life.  I’m back to stopping for things that catch my eye and that makes me breathe.

{13 Feb – 19 Feb}

how to justify a donut

{13 Feb It’s true, I eat off the chocolate.  #how to justify a donut}


{14 Feb Hope spotted in the garden, by the front door}

turntable coffee shop

{14 Feb turntable + coffee shop = <3}

Antioxidants I

{15 Feb Antioxidants I}

portrait of a migraine

{16 Feb Portrait of a Migraine}

bedside stack

{16 Feb Bedside Stack}

moon through a garden bench

{17 Feb Moon through a Garden Bench}

Chimay journal

{18 Feb Lunch at the pub w a journal}

wipe that smile on your face

{18 Feb The Girl}

pomeganate list

{19 Feb a grocery list}

some days I come w warning labels

{19 Feb some days I come w/ warning labels…}