butterfly wings watermark

I’m getting used to the hand.book journal.  {now that it’s almost full.}  I’ll write what I think about the book, and in more detail, soon.  {the paper, the specs, working in this size book, etc.}  Until then, here’s a handful of pages from early June.

Embrace your Uniqueness

Embrace your Uniqueness

{background: watercolor elements: egg sticker, tag from The Girl’s new yoga pants, a hotel post-it note that my friend Leslie shared and a recycled  strip of grocery bag}

Trust & Hope

Trust and Hope are intertwined

{background:  layers of scrapbook paper with watercolor and acrylic before and after.  elements:  magazine text and stickers.  “Trust and Hope are intertwined” is a quote from friend Candi.}

Those words brought to mind the bird & egg stickers which remind me of flying {the bird} and possibility {the egg}

be HONEST with your self

be HONEST with your self.  manage your preferences

{background:  watercolor and acrylic stamped through the mesh from a bag of oranges with white acrylic scrumbled on top so text would show.  Had quite a time with the lettering as the paint clogged the Pilot G-2 I was using.  I eventually switched to a Micron pen.}

My brain already flying wm

Because my brain is already flying

{background: watercolor and inked edges.  collage = origami paper and wings colored with Sakura Gelly Roll metallic pen with Pilot G-2 in blue for depth {see the difference between the front and the back? – photo taken before I finished the whole thing}}


am I supposed to?


{background:  Crayon & watercolor with inked edges.  elements: A couple of measures of music from a misprint from one of the Little’s voice lesson.  Journaling with a Pigma Micron 05 (I think…)}

less-MORE wm

less wm



{background: gesso & white acrylic elements: recycled clothing tag, origami paper and pencil}