janus_smallPulling out old articles and writing new ones…

Same with blogs & journals.  A few old and some new.  {the archive will be here soon!}

I guess there’s a lot of that in January, looking back & forward at the same time…

Here is last week in journal pages.  Mostly pages without writing, but I made a page, took a photo or wrote every day this week. {which was my goal.  yay! me.}

Scanned Image 100080001

Sometimes I just wear myself out.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my journals and how I keep them.  {too much I think…}  In an effort to loosen up, I’ve been doing free drawing in my Morning Pages  and current journal.  Just put the pen down and see what happens.  No filtering thoughts.  These swirls & dots {that’s what came out} drawn with PRANG metallic brush markers on a watercolor wash.  The “stars” in the upper left-hand corner are made by dropping kosher salt on the wet wash and brushing off when dry.  Tea tags and stars from my stash of random stuff.  Quote:  “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” I love Oscar Wilde.

She will show you who she is

Colors & thoughts from the kitchen/great room.  A designer from Ethan Allen made the comment, “She will show you who she is.”  I like to think he was talking about me and not just the house.  😉

I'm wrestling with body imageI want to use this journal to capture conversations & ideas as well as make art pages.  Page on the left has a quote from my friend Amy {“They handle the transition because instead of getting smaller, their world gets bigger.”} plus the time for our next get together so I won’t forget.   The doodle that I doodled while talking to her looked like a calamari appetizer gone bad, so I covered it up with layers of paint & tissue.  I guess I didn’t have to mention it, but it’s what I’m wrestling with these days.  Rough drafts, mistakes & messiness.  {that and body image…}

Fossil packing tapeThe oldest Brilliant ordered some cool belts from Fossil that came in a box with this awesome packing tape.  The page is waiting for words.  Btw, I also love vegetable stickers; these are from avocados & a pomegranate used to make Liz’s Pomegranate Guacamole.  So good.  {I’ll post the recipe soon.}

Scanned Image 100080005

This Exacompta journal is already getting bulky and I still have about 90 double page spreads to go… so, I cut out some pages and made some list pages.  Have decided that this will be my Read-in-2010 list.  {I also want to add a Books-I-Want-to-Read list & a Movies-I’ve-Watched list.}

Lady Grey Tea layer 1

This page is called “Lady Grey Tea – layer 1”  I don’t know what it’s going to be yet.  I included it because this is the kind of page that is new to me: a page that is in process & not finished all in one go.