On celebration


R is 50

Celebrate good times,come on! (Let’s celebrate)

Celebrate good times, come on! (Let’s celebrate)


There’s a party goin’ on right here

A celebration to last throughout the years

So bring your good times, and your laughter too

We gonna celebrate your party with you


Cool and The Gang


Last week was a marvelous, full week that was all about celebration.  R turned 50.  Which means that later this year, I do, too!  Most adjectives seem too small for this man that I’ve walked beside for three decades. He is patient and focused.  Quiet and determined.  Passionate and intense in his pursuits.  He walks on the edge and is willing to risk for his dreams, but never, ever at the cost of the relationships in his intimate circle.


It speaks volumes, that it was our children that put together most of the celebration details.


R bass


Once upon a time, in our early years, he sold a beautiful bass guitar to keep food on the table.  After planning for months, the Brilliants presented him with a vintage bass almost exactly like the one he sold.


“Because you always put us first, we wanted to give back to you.”


It was an amazing full-circle moment.



Black Sheep Table


As was this.  I didn’t have to lift a finger for R’s birthday dinner.  Again, the Brilliants came through and handled every single detail.  Seriously, I’m reaping the benefits of this full-circle thing, too.  Our Joshua snapped this photo of the family hearing about the first course from the chef.

[On a side note, if you’re in the ATL area, I highly recommend no. 246 in Decatur.  Good golly!  We dined at the Black Sheep Table – 4 courses served family style with pairings. The food was divine and the service was stellar.   Recommend.  Recommend.  And you know how picky I am about food and experiences. It was perfection.]


Three generations, words of affirmation, laughter, stories.  It was exactly what celebrations around the table are supposed to be.

soft places

My wish for you is that you celebrate.  Don’t wait for 50th birthday parties.  Celebrate something today.


flowers leftover from a birthday party

morning light coming in the window

the color of your companion’s eyes

the sensation of breathing

something that makes you laugh

something that makes you cry

all of it


There is much to celebrate today and everyday.  Blessings to you.


Be in your life.



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