star stampHave started adding details & journaling to my {12.31} journal.  Using prompts from Dawn Sokol & my day to day.  These pages are happening in layers.  I’ll show them as they look complete.  {But I often go back & add little bits and pieces.}

Here are a few of things in my stash:

* tea tags * wine caps * used postage stamps * practice calligraphy * tags * 2″ cardstock circles * star stamp * coffee sleeves * bits of scrapbook paper

Movies that put me in the holiday spirit Dec 2 Prompt:  “Movies that put me in the holiday spirit”

Started out painting the left hand page with Windsor & Newton Crimson and added tea tag gifts across the bottom of the page.  Decided to make a pocket of movie posters from a torn partial page after seeing  THIS pocket page.  {Marci is another event participant working with the same prompts.}

Also added the tab on left because I didn’t like the turquoise ink showing through from the previous page.

tea tag gifts


The ticket stubs are from a family movie night over Thanksgiving weekend.  We went to see “A Christmas Carol”,  an animated film with Jim Carrey’s voice over talent.

hot chocolate