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“Don’t say you don’t have enough time.  You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein.”

Wednesday 15 June 2016


In my child rearing years, I was often asked how I managed to create art.  The answer was quite simply that I created in the cracks and crevices of my life.

Cracks-and-crevices are  the little nooks and crannies of your schedule.   The 20 minutes here and the 15 minutes there,  in a waiting room or while a piano lesson is happening .  I learned to create in scenarios that were less than ideal.  At least not up to the standard of  what my Inner Critic considered a “perfect” environment.

Because I wanted to create more than I wanted to wait for the perfect time and place.

I created a system that allowed me to work in a book whenever I could manage it.  And I let the increments count.

These days I carry my journal everywhere.  

[along with a small bag of supplies like glue sticks, tape and gel pens.]  I guard & collect time in the early morning before the day officially starts and late in the night if I awaken.  I write in the car while waiting for appointments  and sketch  while watching Netflix.  Better yet, I paint instead of sit in front of any screen.  The quantity of my art increased when I gave myself permission to create in spaces other than my studio.  Seems simple, but my perfectionism runs deep and until a few years ago, if I couldn’t get quiet in my set-aside space, I didn’t really make art.

A shift happened when Rands bought me a camera.  I started taking it everywhere and got into the habit of seeing and capturing daily.  Carrying the camera awakened the old habit of carrying a sketchbook/journal which in turn facilitated drawing and writing skills that had lain dormant.  What started out as sharing photo galleries with family, eventually became a blog, which lead to even more self-permission.  As I started labeling more in my life as art,  seeing and creating became a daily practice.  Now making art in the cracks-and-crevices is a way of life for me.  I believe that art exists in everywhere, if we simply recognize and make room for it.

2 May 2015. I've learned to gift myself with a little something on workshop day. The key to sustainability is to #putyourselfonthemap. Today it was this beautiful hydrangea that will go from table decoration to my garden. I love investing deeply. I'm learning that I count, too. #selfcare #BEinYOURlife #wildthymejournals

Where do you create?  Do you let it count?

BE in your life,