Wednesday 29 June 2016

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noun con·tain·er \kən-ˈtā-nər\
a receptacle for holding goods

A cup of tea.

A book with a story between its covers.

A circle of women holding laughter and safety in their locked arms.

A life.


"I am the vessel" journal page May 2016

“I am the vessel” journal page May 2016

A life is a container filled with minutes spent and connections made. Within our lives are many containers like small stacking dolls inside of one large doll. Creative practice is a sacred container.  A container for soul work.  A container for words and the work of our hands and the messages we want to live and send out into the world.

By sacred container I mean a receptacle for emotions and presence. A safe place to bring awareness to emotions and to reflect on what stays and what goes. Spiritual and creative practices are alive and well in the containers we create. In our art and in the circles of people where we gather.


journal page January 2015

Our spiritual and creative practice is in the gardens we plant, the journeys we take and the work of our hands. In the evenings when we gather our family around the table. In the pages when we pour out words. In the communities we build and the difference we make when we courageously choose love.

In these spaces, we weave heart and mind together. We heal. We grow. We transcend.

After countless workshops and coaching sessions and years of honoring my own practice within the pages of a journal, I have come to appreciate the value of creating SAFE containers.

Sturdy, yet flexible containers that hold a FULL RANGE of life and emotions.

a year of pages

a year of pages

Whether navigating grief, collecting wisdom and gratitude, or simply documenting the glory of the everyday, may you create the spaces and pages that uphold your life.

Be in your life,