doula |doo-luh|


a woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born.


I am an Artist Doula – trained to assist others as they birth their creative dreams.   While my Artist Doula training has roots in the classroom and I have formal training, my true passion is to approach creativity, individually and well…. creatively.  As I’ve excavated my own practice and walked alonside hundreds of creatives over the last two decades, I’ve come to realize that creativity isn’t something that only a few special people are blessed with, it’s a spark that exists in all of us.  It’s a beautiful dance of individual expression, skill and passion.

Sometimes to bring our creative dreams out into the world we need permission and sometimes we need to aquire a specific skill and sometimes, we don’t really know what we need, we only know that deep within us there is a longing.  A deep knowing that we are made to create.

I’ve taught drawing and compostition to high school students and explored color with preschoolers.  I’ve played with basic art supplies with young children and have demystified watercolor for adults.  I’ve lead people into the power of their personal narratives and helped blocked creatives unlock their stalled practices.

I love to meet people exactly where they are.  I would be honored to meet you and your creative practice exactly where you are.  Through journal keeping or daily photographs or lists or torn paper or scribbles or huge canvases filled with bright color

[I don’t know what will unlock the magic for you…] we can play, ask, press, dig, and dance our way to your creative dreams.

Here are my suggestions for getting started.  All sessions begin with a brief assessment – a couple of questions from me and a little bit of time from you.  From there, we’ll gather in real time based on your needs and budget.  Choose from the list below or contact me and we’ll create a package with only your name on it.

  •  INSIGHTS is a one hour booking filled with questions and seeking.  Great for identifying passions and ending with an individualized, concrete plan.  This is great for the self-starter, initiator, or explorer.
  • ASSESSMENT is a 2 hour booking with advanced journal keeping, individual explorations and specifics. Great for activating a small to medium project – like a new website, a themed gallery exhibit, a grad school project, or an EP.
  • DEEP DIVE is a 4 hour booking that can be used to excavate stalls and challenges; create a proactive, focused plan for a specific project; or kick start your creative life in an entire new direction!


All sessions take place at the wild thyme creative studios in Northeast Atlanta, GA.  However, if jumping continents or driving hundreds of miles isn’t an option,  then I’m a pro at Skype FaceTime or a plain ole phone