Baked 007 vert

As it goes around here.  Food = photos and often, photo shoots end with food.  The bag of friendship bread starter that we named Daniel Craig ended up baked into a cinnamon-vanilla bread.  There was enough batter to make 2 loaves and a bundt.  The recipe used was the one that came on the photo copied sheet that arrived with the original bag of Neighbor Starter.   {I made it with a touch more vanilla – a full tsp instead of the 1/2 called for.}   For a variation, I also made a cranberry bundt cake {a bundt takes the batter for two loaves}.  I wasn’t completely satisfied with the end result, so I’m still experimenting with the bread.  Since I used sweetened/dried cranberries, the bread wasn’t infused with cranberry flavor.  It very much tasted like the original bread with an occasional bite of dried cranberry.  I’ll keep you posted on my experimentation.

Baked 007

On a side note, I think the word “bundt” is kind of funny.  I always worry that I’m misspelling it.  {It doesn’t help that spell check doesn’t recognize the word bundt.}  It also reminds me of that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding where Ian Miller’s mom walks into the Portokalos home with a bundt cake.

[upon receiving a bundt cake from Mrs. Miller]

Maria Portokalos:  It’s a cake! I know! Thank you! Thank you very, very much.[whispering to Aunt Freida] Maria Portokalos:  There’s a hole in this cake!

I’ll be smiling all day…