I made 4 of these pies last night. One for bible study at Sue’s house, a couple to take to Anatomy lab and one to leave at home for The Brilliants. (Because it’s a sad day if I only make one Chocolate Butter Pie and then take it away.) I first tasted this pie at a “Sunday Before Christmas” gathering with The Sistah’s. (This is the December food & party extravaganza that happens when Randy’s mom and her two sisters gather their families for Christmas in MS.)

The pie was on the dessert table looking plain and simple in the middle of much showier holiday cakes and pies. Of course Randy and his brother (and their cousins) were going for the mini meringue-covered chocolate pies of childhood memory fame, so on the chocolate selection front, it wasn’t moving. However, I don’t like meringue, so to me, a plain-chocolaty-fudge pie with flaky crust looked like a dream. (It tasted like one too.)

Eventually, I secured the recipe from Randy’s Granny. I probably bugged the stew out of her, but now one of my kitchen treasures is the goose recipe card with the recipe written out in her hand. (With a note on the back just to me.) I make this pie when it’s “my turn to take dessert” or when I send a casserole to someone’s house. It doesn’t take any longer to make than a box of brownies and it’s always a hit.

Sometimes I even make it just because…