9 June 2016
Somewhere along the way, I lost my joy behind the camera.
Pair that with the fact that I don’t think that joy is a necessary component of getting things done and you have a great formula for going through the motions with a trajectory toward resentment.
One of my strategies for getting unstuck is to go back to something simple.  The very beginning is a great place to return.  If you’re a painter, make shapes and lines.  If you’re a musician, play one of the first songs you learned.  If you’re a writer,  fill a page or two w stream of consciousness musings.
Back to the beginning.
I had the chance today to meet with my new friend Katie Snyder.  She walked me back to the beginning with the simple question, “What do you like to shoot?”  It’s amazing how powerful it is to hear yourself say your own passions aloud.
Back to the beginning.
After we parted ways, I spent some time shooting in the garden and in the pages.  There is grace and ease in the familiar.  There is beauty and inspiration in the details.
Back to the beginning.
Joy is the starting point.