The whole universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in circles, in spirals.

John Hartford

Sunday 1 May 2016


Whether out in the garden or taking note of the moon, cycles are everywhere.  My art is filled with circles and my life is filled with cycles.  I enjoy peace when I pay attention to these rhythms.


Daily, I move back and forth between dark and light.  Between empty and full.  Between being awake and asleep.

Weekly, I move in a bigger arc between Engagement and Rest.  Paying attention to how I spend my time between people and task.  Between work and play and making sure that there is a day of rest.

Monthly and yearly, I pull out to a larger view.  The global view, from 30,000 feet.  I make sure that maintenance in the bigger circles is taking place and that goals and dreams are on course.


I think that’s why the ocean speaks to me.  The rhythmic movement of the water is a tangible reminder of the ebb and flow of my life.  A heartbeat.  The small crashing waves are like the tiny movements within hours and minutes.  The tide moves in and out daily.  And over months and years an entire shoreline can change.


Today was a beautiful day of rest.  We tended heart and soul, engaged in our spiritual rhythms and invested in important relationships.

What a privilege to start the entire cycle over again tomorrow.



BE in your life,