12277605_1518286441799015_425351087_nNever let your emotions rule, but always let them testify. ~Robert Brault



From my journal:

4 December 2015 If there was any one life hack I could hand my 21 year old self it would be this: learn how to handle the feels with respect.  Managing pain points and passion is a skill. Staying present is a gift. I would tell that young girl to buy notebooks and pens and paint. Lots of paint.  And a camera. And I would tell her to pour her heart and soul onto paper.  

My largest life challenge has been how to live with HEART.  With a crushed heart.  With a whole heart.  With a present heart.

I have made choices in brokenness and choices from behind armor and I have even for a season shut emotions off.  But the most valuable thing that I have learned in five decades of living with big feels, is how to live with presence.  How to let my heart “testify” as Robert Brault so beautifully says.  Letting my heart

[emotions] have a voice has changed my life and has allowed me to dive deep and craft a life that I love living.

I get to spend the day with young ones tomorrow in a journaling workshop.    We’ll use  lined paper and unlined paper. to create containers for listening.    We’ll pay attention to our “inside voices” by moving paint and words around on paper.  We’ll talk Forgiveness and Passion and Trust.  In short, we’ll learn some advanced heart listening skills.  I can’t wait.



What does your heart say when you let it testify?  Pay attention.  Write it down.  I promise you, it’s a game changer.

Be in your life,