Nana turned her eyes on me like a vet looking for fleas: "A heart will say amazing things if it's given half a chance.” ~Joan Bauer, Squashed~

Nana turned her eyes on me like a vet looking for fleas: “A heart will say amazing things if it’s given half a chance.” ~Joan Bauer, Squashed~

Monday 25 April 2016



I was raised in a religious construct that told me that my heart was evil and couldn’t be trusted.  If my belief system was math, it would have looked like this:

Heart = Evil

Heart = Emotions

Emotions = Evil

I’ve since done some study and sat with some really wonderful grace-filled guides.  I’m going to reduce a decades-long journey into a word study and a challenge.

The word “heart” that I thought meant my emotions was actually the ancient word “leb” or “lebab”   This expansive word encompasses the seat of both the emotional and intellectual life.  I learned that the “heart” is also where volition and will live.



Your life is filled with choices and action.  You can include your heart or cut it out of the formula.

Over the years I’ve learned that solid action is preceded by solid listening.

Thus, I’ve chosen to remain in a LISTENING POSTURE

In my world, that means listening for wisdom.  Even fictional characters on police procedurals can say the right thing at the right time.  Listening means documenting dreams from my sleeps and writing down my vision for the next 5, 10 and 20 years.

It means watching for message everywhere from cereal boxes to sign posts.  Message is in the earth in the front garden and in the stars and wings of the sky above.  Listening means paying attention to both my world and my active thought life and slowing down to capture and connect all the data.


I have learned to trust that my heart in its fullest definition has message for me.  Insight and data that are real, that I must sift to discover what’s true.


I encourage you to examine your Heart —-> your emotions and your intellect and your will.







Repeat as necessary.


BE in your life,