magazine perfect family gatherings
gorgeous butter cookies w edible glitter
beautiful IG posts every day

constantly cleaning up after aging pets – rug at the curbside this week…
borrowed batteries out of a remote to light up the mantel for this photo
writing deadline displaced cookie baking. Day 3 and I’m already behind on my own personal challenge.

The full moon is my cue to let go of that which does not serve. Once a month seems to be about as long as I can go without a healthy accounting of my angst, agendas and judgment. When the moon shines bright, I let go. I forgive. [Especially my 18 year old self. She did the best she knew how.] I bless and release. I surrender. Today’s gentle reminder has a heaping teaspoon of truth telling. Because tis the season for agendas and unrealistic expectations. Listen, decide what you truly want and let go of the rest. Unrealistic magazine expectations and perfectionism don’t deserve your energy. Give your attention to the important things. [Pro tip: You decide the important things.] For us this year: generosity, family and simple ways.

I’m letting the light of the moon wash me w clarity and grace. I’m opening my hand and releasing image management. My intentions are focused on rich connection and good chocolate. On analog faces and peaceful spaces.



Open your hand. What stays and what goes?