A garden is my favorite teacher.
Tuesday 24 May 2016
There is a practice in some vineyards of planting roses at the end of the vineyard rows.  We saw this when we toured a vineyard last summer.  Our guide explained that both roses and grapevines are susceptible to mildew.  The roses even more so than the vines.  And thus, if the roses begin to show signs of mildew, there is time to take action and protect the grapes.
What a great picture!  One of the reasons that I am so faithful to the pages is that they slow me down to the speed of listening.  When I’m honest in my journal, I know when I’m fraying at the edges of my soul.  I know where to place care and attention.
Writing daily is like having roses at the end of the vineyard rows of my soul.   When I speak my truth in writing, I know what’s really there.  I know what’s coming.  I know what actions are necessary to maintain growth and forward motion.
May you guard your heart and tend to your soul.
BE in your life,