“The dance between darkness and light will always remain— the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars.” ~C. JoyBell C.

Thursday 5 May 2016


Some days are black and white days.


There is no predicting melancholy.  All I know is that this past week, several of the beautiful artists in my realm walked into what I call, the-dark-woods.  The dark woods are foggy with sadness and grief.  Heavy with mist and confusion.

It makes me wonder what is going on in the world that the sensitive souls are on alert.  And by on alert, I mean carrying weight and feeling grief for ourselves…for the world.

This from Carrie  who BRAVELY shared the following at her Instagram account:

“Real life. Sitting in a target parking lot wondering if I can even manage to go inside. Because driving here was hit with a very deep wave of sadness and just not wanting to be on earth anymore. Not suicide. ..don’t misunderstand. Just feeling the deep desire for love and connectivity and wondering why I’m not.
It comes and it goes. But it’s very real.”

Yes, Carrie.  This is real.  I get it.  This happens in real life in real time.

My response:

Thank you for sharing. It’s such courageous work to honor our true emotions. I think those of us who create and see and attempt to arrange words around the patterns and stillness and movement of this glorious world must stay present. Present to the fullness of this life. The grief and sorrow of the world at times becomes tangible. I can’t always predict when I will draw a breath and take in sadness. Or when a bird in flight or blue sky will ignite grief in my cells. But I know that the shadows are vital for the end of the spectrum that contains joy and happiness. I embrace all the parts. I think sitting in the Target parking lot shows remarkable wisdom and knowing. I bow to the light in you.

I have been called “fragile” and “hypersensitive” and other sticky labels that I believed, ingested and eventually learned to put in perspective.

This is what I know.  The shiny and the light are possible because of the shadows.


Some of us are entrusted with the heaviness and the shadow.

It is imperative that we stay present in the dark and grief, so that ultimately the light might shine.

I hope that today, whether you walk in light or shadow, you know that your story and your way matter the most.  Give us what you were meant to bring to the world.


BE in your life,