Art is Life is Art: Show up for today

The following is part of a response to a discussion at the wild thyme creative facebook page

“…much of my current artistic work is in the capture of little moments. While I paint large scale and create mixed-media pieces on a regular basis, my daily practice involves what I call Art-in-the-Crevices. It’s the sketches and songs that happen because I carry my journal EVERYWHERE. It’s the partial poem I pen while I’m waiting and the photos from my phone.  Too often we get caught up in our expectations of the perfect environment and miss the beauty and truth all around us in the little moments. Honestly, it’s those little bits and pieces that keep me sane and present in my “real life”. Ultimately it’s the small captures that inform and birth the larger work.”

The little moments are where I’m living these days.  Concerning wild thyme creative,  I am both processing my archive and making plans for the future.  {This very much mirrors what is going on in my personal life too…}  I’m simultaneously reading old blog entries full of my emotions and thoughts from the past and  planning & dreaming for the future.  All necessary and exciting, but sometimes, I find it a challenge to just show up for today – to experience what it’s like to be in my skin, here and now.

I used to take these little “life bytes” for granted – now I give myself credit for capturing them and count it as my art.  My daily prayer is that I simply show up for what’s in my world today.  Here’s a tiny list {surprise!} of things I do to Stay Present:

* Write down {or draw or paint} exactly what I’m feeling at least once a day.

this is how I have felt for days...

* Go out in the garden barefoot.

I think it’s super important to feel the ground under your feet, where you are. I go out and tune into the following:

~ what I see around my feet

~ what I feel under my feet

~ what I hear around me

{I generally stay and breathe and observe until I can feel my breath all the way down to my toes…}

* Take a photo & notes based on your observations. {I write things down because I like to remember, but the point is to tune in.}


This photo says:

* It is cold & wet.  But I am not afraid of inclement weather or events.

* There are weeds in the garden & I need a pedi.  It’s time to slow down and tend to self & home.

* The birds are singing.  I have a voice.

* The ground is solid.  I have a place to stand.

I am petite.  But I am not small.

Things are a little messy.  Discovery & expression are found in messy.

Drips and Mistakes you don't scare me anymore


“Magic happens just by being present in your body.” Baron Baptiste

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Art is Life is Art: A week in my pocket

Still pulling my iPhone out of my pocket and capturing our life, one day at a time.

{and still in love with the Instagram app.}

{Feb 20 – Feb 26}

egg flower

best hostess gift ever

{20 Feb Organic eggs from the used-to-be-ours-now-they’re-O’Mara’s chickens.  The best hostess gift ever.}

kitty parrot

{21 Feb DaFee the Kitty Parrot – I know, our pet nicknames are beyond ridiculous…}

antioxidents III

{22 Feb – Antioxidants III – R & I are still on a nutritional kick that includes morning scrambles with lots of veggies.}

chain coffee drinker

daily arsenal

{23 Feb Sometimes I am a chain coffee drinker…}

{23 Feb  And as of late, am always honest on the pages.}

look at both sides

{24 Feb Daffodils are in bloom here in Atlanta.  Since the house is south facing, I get a reminder to view situations from all sides every time I walk out the front door.

Vanishing point

{24 Feb Sunset and vanishing points}

R working

{25 Feb R working super late = me being super grumpy about our late dinner.   I was much better after an appetizer…}

blossom sky

26 Feb {Bradford Pear about to blossom}

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Art is Life is Art: on daily habits

Was syncing my phone a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised to see that I have been taking daily photos with my phone all month long.  {I had dropped the habit somewhere at the end of 2010…}   I attribute this renewal to the fact that I added the Instagram application to my iPhone.  Of course, some of images are my Daily Garmon Food Photos, but others are snapshots from my daily life.  I’m back to stopping for things that catch my eye and that makes me breathe.

{13 Feb – 19 Feb}

how to justify a donut

{13 Feb It’s true, I eat off the chocolate.  #how to justify a donut}


{14 Feb Hope spotted in the garden, by the front door}

turntable coffee shop

{14 Feb turntable + coffee shop = <3}

Antioxidants I

{15 Feb Antioxidants I}

portrait of a migraine

{16 Feb Portrait of a Migraine}

bedside stack

{16 Feb Bedside Stack}

moon through a garden bench

{17 Feb Moon through a Garden Bench}

Chimay journal

{18 Feb Lunch at the pub w a journal}

wipe that smile on your face

{18 Feb The Girl}

pomeganate list

{19 Feb a grocery list}

some days I come w warning labels

{19 Feb some days I come w/ warning labels…}

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Art is life is art: Daily habits & Inspiration

Yesterday, I got a precious note from a new art friend with the subject line:  Inspire. She says my pages inspire her.  So humbling and wonderful to hear.  It brought this quote from Marian Bantjes to mind: “Inspiration is cross-pollinating.”

"Inspiration is cross-pollinating" Marian Bantjes

I found myself dumbfounded when I read the word inspire, because I don’t think of my pages as inspirational.  I’m not trying to be overly modest or deny my talent, I am just very aware that my pages were created in the midst of everyday life. To me they’re muddy, messy and raw.  {and often in the never-never land of unfinished work/idea capture.} If there’s any inspiration in my pages, I think it comes from the fact that they happen in and around my life.  I love the quote because it captures the illusive way that inspiration happens.

It passes from person to person and from sunset to moonlight.  Sometimes flying through the wind or on butterfly wings…

"Inspiration is cross-pollinating" Marian Bartjes

I wrestle with managing time like most people and have found a tremendous amount of give and take in the small moments.  Left to my natural bent, I am very “all or nothing” in my approach to any project or task.  It used to be if I couldn’t finish it, make it perfect and/or win something {approval, a prize or recognition} that I didn’t even take it up.  This carried over into all aspects of my life.  Needless to say, life doesn’t work that way.  The unexpected comes.  Limits are realized.  Lack of perfection rears it’s ugly head.  People don’t see.  It had gotten to the point where my life was full of teaching and empowering other creatives, but I had stopped creating.  The list of why I had stopped was long:

*  I had no dedicated space.

*  As a homeschooling mom of five, there seemed to be no time.

*  Art is messy.

*  Art costs  money.

*  To justify making art, I felt like I needed to sell art.

*  I wasn’t sure anyone wanted to buy my art.  {circle round to points above}

*  Because I get lost in my all-or-nothing ways, I was afraid that wouldn’t tend to my family properly.

These were just a few of my objections, which stayed firmly in place, until I traveled with a friend to CO for some down time.  No kids, no husband, just time away for thinking and retreating.  It was January and I had the new camera that my husband had bought and put in my hands at Christmas.  Despite my arguments against the purchase, he said simply, “It’s time.”  On that trip, I realized how uncomfortable I had become with my creative self.  And acknowledged that I had put all of my creativity, literally and figuratively, in a box in the closet.  I had taken a blank journal on the trip with me, but I had entered nothing but the words of others.   When I came home, I had a few photos on the new camera, some thoughts of my own that needed a place to go & the realization that I couldn’t hand The Creative Life to my children if I didn’t model it.

And thus began the transformation of my daily habits.  I started carrying my camera and an empty book around with me.  At first the books were filled mostly with sermon notes and quotes from the books I was reading.  My sketching was really rusty and a constant source of frustration, so, for images,I turned to the camera more and more often.  Until I found this book:

The Decorated Page by Gwen Diehn


My pages started to change.  First, with swirly text, then to turning the book around occasionally and writing upside down or in circles.  Eventually I was gluing in ephemera and adding color and paint.   And then I found this book:

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way

In its pages,  I found a little more permission to call myself an artist and make art.

Today, art is a daily habit.  It’s the way that I begin my day.  I am more myself, if I wake up early in the morning to read and write for an hour. In that time, I also, orient to the calendar, and often decorate a page for the day.  These days, in addition to my camera, I carry around ridiculous numbers of pens and crayons for making pages.  And I don’t apologize for stopping and writing down a quote or taking a photo.  Despite those habits, I have continued to avoid sketching.  Mostly because it’s a skill that’s rusty and not perfect.

Then yesterday, I ran across this book:

Start to Draw your Life by Michael Nobbs


It’s full of inspiration and ideas for adding the habit of drawing to your life.  {you can download the free ebook HERE}

Here’s my first sketch. {I took 30 min. of my morning time.}  It’s not finished, nor is it perfect, but it’s a start.

Draw Your Life 08/19 2010

I’ll have to work this habit into my days.  No doubt one thing or another will fall through the cracks, but I’m getting better at picking up the pieces and gluing them into my books.

I have been and am being inspired by others.

And I am, with my every day life and daily habits participating in the cross-pollination of inspiration.

Inspiration, pass it on.

sun on a rainy day

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