I am not confused.


My name is Betsy Cañas Garmon.

I’m a truth-teller, wisdom catcher and image maker.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people reframe the way they curate their personal narrative.  Because we all have a beautiful, wild life to BE in and a powerful story/message/way to collect and pour out the oil of our living for service and healing.

That is what I do.

And I am not confused.


Answering this invitation from Alexandra Franzen.  Thank you Cynthia Lee for holding up a lantern today.

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wild thyme creative: The garden is my favorite teacher

Image“Might I have a bit of earth?” Chapter XII The Secret Garden by  Frances Hodgson Burnett

Sharing another big lesson from my 10 month immersion in IGNITE, intuitive painting teacher training:

In order to obtain any level of sustainability in an endeavor, you have to pace yourself and you have to obtain sustenance.  This goes for creative endeavors as well as marathons and 9-5 jobs.    And it goes for the body, as well as the soul.   In my life, making art is part of showing up to regular life in a healthy fashion.  Art can increase emotional and spiritual health and capacity.

The tension came when I had to choose between art-for-life-and-breath and art-with-deadlines-and-assignments.  They weren’t always the same; and I had to figure out a different aspect of the sustainability formula.  In order to show up to art with deadlines, I had to be oriented and clear.  For me, that means time with my hands in the earth.  My little bit of earth in the front garden is one of the places that I find my bearings.  The rhythm of my day begins with a cup of coffee and a little bit of weeding or dreaming.

In my attempts to manage details and meet deadlines, I thought that I simply needed to free up some time on my calendar.   I stopped visiting the front garden and let my little bit of earth get a little weedy and go a little wild.  I knew that I could ignore the weeding and tending in the garden for a season.  What I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t the garden’s maintenance that was at hand; it was my own tending that was falling through the cracks.

I mistakenly thought that time in the garden was a calendar thing, when really, it was a soul thing.


[1000 Pieces of my heart Page 3:

Zinnia studies: watercolor botanicals, cellular studies in acrylic, macro photography]

Because of these revelations, I had to include some garden studies in this final body of work.  The garden holds lessons, places of curiosity and inspiration galore!  The cellular studies are based on microscopic studies of actual plants grown in my little garden.   As in, I pulled out the microscope from homeschool days that are over, and am continuing my own studies.  I studied biology before I studied fine art and Botany class was one of my favorite classes.  Although, this time around, I’m immersing in pattern and color instead of biochemistry.

Returning to the garden has been essential.   Stepping away from the garden, and the subsequent disorientation, revealed how important the earth is to me.  Like Mary in The Secret Garden, I discovered, that the secret to being alive is in tending my “little bit of earth” on a regular basis.

From quick studies, en plein air, to photo walks, I orient and am inspired.

“It was the garden that did it… and the creatures – and the Magic.”

“It came alive.”

The found text, from the book, The Secret Garden,  reminded me that I needed the magic and cycles of the garden to right-size myself.

My current fascination is with the volunteer zinnias that are spilling over the front sidewalk.

My friend Rozy, laughed as she walked into the house this morning:

“You are untamable!  You just won’t be contained.  Your garden gives you away.”

Oh, I hope so.  I really, really hope so.


[1000 Pieces of my heart  Page 5:  More verbs and daily photos from the garden]

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Way has closed behind me


[1000 Pieces of my Heart.  Page 1:  Clearing]

“Ruth,” I said, “people keep telling me that ‘way will open.’  Well, I sit in the silence, I pray, I listen for my calling, but way is not opening.  I’ve been trying to find my vocation for a long time, and I still don’t have the foggiest idea of what I’m meant to do.  Way may open for other people, but it’s sure not opening for me.”

Ruth’s reply was a model of Quaker plain-speaking.  “I’m a birthright Friend, “ she said somberly, “and in sixty-plus years of living, way has never opened in front of me.”  She paused and I started sinking into despair.  Was this wise woman telling me that the Quaker concept of God’s guidance was a hoax?

Then she spoke again, this time with a grin.  “But a lot of way has closed behind me, and that’s had the same guiding effect.


From Let Your Life Speak by Parker J Palmer


It’s over.  10 months of immersion in IGNITE, Connie Hozvicka’s Fearless Painting Teacher Training.  From the very beginning of IGNITE I knew that I wanted to excavate how to be involved in the lives of others through art/healing/teaching and still stay true to my own creative practice.

This place that I’ve landed is very different than where I thought I’d be, now that we’re at the end.  When I started IGNITE, I thought I was going to define wild thyme creative in a very tangible way.  I thought that I would set goals, focus on my business plan and activate those plans.  Quite frankly, within a short couple of weeks, if I could have quit, I would have.  I was overwhelmed with trying to orient to the class work load, plus, live my full life.

Eventually, I realized that I wasn’t going to be defining and activating a business as I was still *** “creating a clearing in the dense forest of my life.”  Most of the time, the “invitations” felt like assignments  – heavy with deadlines and shame for not meeting deadlines.  However, the sensation of shame only lasted as long as I stayed with measures outside my knowing and my body.   Such an amazing lesson.  Way was closing behind me with a profound guiding effect.


“Give yourself credit for what you’re already doing.”

“You’re doing more than you realize you’re doing.”

These phrases and others like them, resonated deeply when they were spoken.  They vibrated through the atmosphere and I pinned them in my journal like a butterfly in a shadowbox.  Framed butterflies are beautiful and inspiring.  But, also, very far from the exquisite reality of a live butterfly flitting from flower to flower in the garden.  The word Doing kept clanging against my heart and soul.    Doing, doing, doing.  It was no secret throughout the trek through IGNITE that I am not a DO-er, my greatness is that I am a BE-er.

Our final invitation for the course was to create a body of work that reflected the lessons we learned during IGNITE.  For me, this body of work was about recognizing the shift in my focus from Doing to BEING.   As I moved through the course, I learned to cover the doing/lack of doing with grace and acknowledge that I BE, so very well.

The true lessons from this course had less to do with painting and teaching and more to do with Who I Am and How I BE.
[Journals Jan – June in the Scarborough Faire garden – parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme]

Throughout IGNITE, I never once stopped journaling or taking daily photos.  I engaged in the spiritual disciplines of my faith, gardened and gathered people in circle.  I created beautiful environments for friends and family, wrote letters, songs and poems and lived my rich, beautiful life well.

This last body of work shows the crossover between my life and camera, garden, journal and paint.  It is a weaving of my self and text and paint and pages.  Originally, I was envisioning a series of paintings.  [Because that’s what I thought I needed to DO…]  But as I stepped into execution and reflected on process, it became apparent that the juice for me, is in the integration of life, pages and final art.

When I stopped to pay attention to where my breathing was deep and settled, the truth began to emerge from the mist.   My breath and body lead me to path.  When I tuned in to where I was hyperventilating and fidgety, I was able to follow a bread crumb path back to exactly where I need to be.  When I followed Peace and Permission, I found that Clarity was there too.  In facilitating Hug Your Story workshops, I say aloud that “the pages inform my art.”  But, the reality is that my art and life and pages and words and images and collections and paintings all inform each other.  Despite my love for sorting and classifying, I don’t even try to sort and classify my life and art.

And so, I made a book, from a painting and I filled it with bits and pieces of my life and heart – my true body of work.
“BE in your life” is what I say to my children instead of, “Be Safe.”  When my oldest son started driving I realized that the words that came out of my mouth, whenever my children left the house, were full of fear.  So I made a change in the declaration I was making over their lives.  Today, when someone walks out the front door of our house we say, “BE in your life.”

They are my heart
Oh, these 6 people have my heart.  The life we live together and the spaces that I create for them has been my body of work for decades.  It has been the proving ground of all that I now share.   This heart is embroidered, with stitches that my grandmother taught me when I was a little girl, on a photo of my precious ones taken on Easter Sunday.  It’s the way it is when you live a creative life.   Past woven to the present.  Art stitched to sacred practice connected to loved ones that sometimes make it to a painting or a photograph.

My children have flown from the nest are most magically in their lives; and now, I am learning to give myself all the same verbs, space and permission that I’ve given them.

Delighted to share lessons/pages/life/art with you.

Be in your life!


***  a line from the poem Clearing by Martha Postlewaite.  I held the poem as my intention for the class.  You can read it in its entirety HERE in this blog post from last week.

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Vessels and voice and cutting up paintings

“Begin as you mean to go on, and go on as you began…”

Charles H. Spurgeon, All of Grace

Today I am putting the final touches on the last body of work due for the intuitive painting course that I’ve been immersed in for the last 10 months.


Here’s a little “before” peek at the vessel that holds the work.


[Arches 140 lb. watercolor paper, 11”x14”]


This journal is made from a painting that was my first introduction to intuitive painting.  It’s infused with history and soul work.  It was the first painting that I ever wept over.   It went something like this:


“Choose a color that speaks to you.”  The invitation was simple enough, but actually doing it was anything but easy.

“No.”  I actually said it aloud.  “It has to be something else.”

I found my staring quietly at the bins, waiting for my spirit to say, “Choose Payne’s Gray.”


“Ughhhh.”  Again, aloud.

I shook my fist.

I left the room.

I made a cup of tea.

I gave the studio a tidy.

I returned to stare at the bins.

I listened.

I heard,  “Choose Pink.”

I cried.

I cried some more.

I stormed about pulling out every container of pink in the bin, and realized that there weren’t but 3 little plastic jars of pink craft paint.  I remembered that I know how to mix pink.

And then, I start painting.  And, I fell in love with paint again.


This past Spring, I cut up that first painting to make a journal for the Sedona portion of our training.  It’s my practice to keep a journal by my side when I work large scale.  I like having it there to catch words and extra paint or the elusive ideas that fly around when we begin moving our bodies in painterly ways.  After every painting session in Sedona, I took the extra paint from my palette and created backgrounds.  I love that this project has a little bit of every part of my journey.  The tears, the wrestling and the new ease in movement and shift.  There’s  even a little bit of Sedona soil, and the fuchsia palette that keeps showing up.  I don’t fight it any more.  I listen.


I’m also listening to the argiope that have filled the garden this year.  So. many. spiders!   They remind me that I’m writing and weaving my full life.  And, that much like a spider sheds its exoskeleton, I’m in a season of shedding.  I’m letting go of that which has served me and embracing renewal.


I’m also using my voice again.  As I always have and in new ways.


In wrapping up my time, I keep returning to this poem over and over.  It was part of the intention that I set at the beginning of the course.  It is still a faithful guide.



Do not try to save

the whole world

or do anything grandiose.

Instead, create

a clearing

in the dense forest

of your life

and wait there


until the song

that is your life

falls into your own cupped hands

and you recognize and greet it.

Only then will you know

how to give yourself

to this world

so worthy of rescue.


by Martha Postlewaite



Grace and Peace.


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Start by starting.

The ability to start out upon your own impulse is

fundamental to the gift of keeping going upon your own

terms. . . . Getting started, keeping going, getting started

again— in art and in life, it seems to me this is the

essential rhythm.

—Seamus Heaney, poet

Surrender {detail}

Me:  There’s so much that’s happened in the last 6 months.  I don’t even know where to start.

Him:  Just start exactly where you are right now…


It’s really that simple.


Step back in.


Start by starting.


Exactly where you are, right now.


And so, today:


  • I am releasing expectations

Open Hand

I am opening my hand.

Releasing the huge list of “shoulds” and “targets” that haunt me.   I am allowing myself to be EXACTLY WHERE I AM. 

[Thank you, Jeanie, Christine and Louise, for words and permission the other day.  They vibrated through me, shaking off dust and lies.  I found myself singing just the song I needed to sing.  Words arranged themselves and colors burst forth as truth and trust settled into my heart.]

Today, I’m listening to my body and giving myself permission to BE.   I am in the garden and on the pages with my hand and heart wide open.



  • I am also, slightly overwhelmed by stimulus

Actually, if I’m honest, more than slightly overwhelmed.  I have Sensory Integration challenges.  I don’t really talk about it much.  A few of my close friends know.  It used to feel like shame, but these days, it just is.  I simply live it; I don’t judge it.  I’m almost 5o years old and I’m finally figuring out how to navigate life in my own skin.  Migraines and tears have shown me the path to honoring my sensitive soul.

I now know that I’m not Too Much or Hypersensitive

I don’t need to Get over it or Calm Down

I no longer engage in complex behaviors of Fight, Flight and Freeze.


I mean I still engage in a version of all of the above, but not out of terror.  I simply pay attention to where I am and what I need and I give my Self permission to access what I need for health and life and presence.

I recognize that my sensitivity is part of the way that I see.  I take in everything, all at once or sometimes by hyper-focusing on one thing.   I see possibility in everything and everyone.  My art and writing are full of throw aways from the rubbish bin and unique perspectives, because deep down inside I always believe there’s a puzzle to solve or dot to connect.  I’ve learned to move slowly, so as not to overwhelm myself.  Which means that sometimes I circle a project or scenario for a long time without landing.

The fact that I’m super tuned in, often shows up in my physical world and body. Sounds are extra loud and sensations are extra sensational.  Thus sometimes, like today, my t-shirts are flipped inside out to keep the tags off of my skin.


Sometimes, I have to stop whatever I’m doing and remember to breathe.  But I am learning to stay in touch, move with the ebb and flow and truly BE in my life.


  •   I’m also, squeezing juice out of paper

As I extend grace to myself in the midst of deadlines and taking-too-long projects, I am faithfully showing up to the pages of my sketchbooks.  I am telling myself the truth and I am storing the queues and lists of things that will make sense later.  I am sifting through my heart and life with words and paint and collage, knowing that when the time is right, it will all come together and I will approach whatever needs approaching, with a whole heart.


That’s exactly where I am right now.

Where are you?

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1000 Pieces of my Heart: Week 2


“The woods were made for the hunter of dreams.”

Sam Walter Foss

Studies in brown 3

{10 – 20}  A visit, a walk in the woods, some pressed leaves, brown paper journals, and a Secret Garden.

This week has been quiet, but a couple of weeks ago, was full of people and visits w people.  Rands and I were in Washington, D.C. with a new squad of World Racers.  Mostly there were meetings and quick meals in between meetings, but there were also some wonderful moments with friends and racers, old & new, tucked in between the information exchange.  It was exciting and humbling to be with these world changers as they left for their 11 month journey.


D Squad praying for N Squad

D Squad praying for N Squad

I stayed in town and spent a delightful couple of days talking about books and telling stories with my Candi-friend.  Hard to believe that we’ve known each other since we were teenagers at Belmont College-now-University.    A favorite moment was going on a foggy, crisp explore in the woods with Candi; her daughter, Cami; and their terrier, Roscoe.

Studies in brown 2

The day turned up some studies in brown and we were in the woods much longer than it seemed that we were.   It was one of those feels-like-20-minutes-but-it’s-really-been-an-hour sort of treks.  I love when time falls away because you’re soaking in exactly where you are.  We stopped to peek at dead-tree-woodpecker-houses and weird mushrooms and told stories and walked in silence.  All in all, just the way, a slow explore should go.
Studies in brown 1
And, although I didn’t play tourist and go to any museums or monuments this go ’round, I did receive a tour of Cami’s bookshelf, her Hobbit Legos and her beautiful bottom-drawer nature collection.  It felt like a tour of her heart.


{Pressed leaves shared from Cami’s collection}

And, I revisited my November and December journals. There is so much to be gleaned from a good journal retrospective.  I was wrestling with perfectionism and a bout with the flu during the holiday season and handmade, grocery bag journals with their sweet, humble brown paper were a great way to diffuse the pressure.  I especially love white pen on brown paper.

Lastly, I started a new journal on January 1.   It’s an altered copy of The Secret Garden, which is a shift away from the larger scale that I used for most of 2012.  But, I like it for it’s wonderful phrases and portability.  Still, I miss 9×12 and watercolour paper, so we’ll see what comes next.

The Secret Garden journal

As always, we’ll see what comes next.



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1000 Pieces of my Heart: Week 1


“I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.” Walt Whitman


A year in journals - 2012

 A year in journals – 2012

{1-9}  7 Journals, 1 List & a bird

This week was goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013.  As I gathered journals kept, I was struck by how infrequently I shared journal pages this past year.  My creative habits have been minimalistic for the past couple of years, with most of my creative expression happening in private, on pages and with simple daily photos with my phone.


Staying active and creating “art in the crevices” has served me well, but in a closer examination of my creative process over the past couple of months during IGNITE, I have felt the rumblings of a call to the deeper parts of my practice.  When I get quiet and listen, I feel the magnetic pull of my big girl camera and brushes and a longing to be here in this blogging space documenting and sharing.  It’s all I want to do.


This past year has brought a lot of exciting change.


And with that change has come the dance of staying in balance.


And let me say, at the risk of much disagreement, that I think balance is overrated.


Sometimes passion creates imbalance and we just have to step away from the line in the middle and be breathtakingly over into our practice.  We must trust that the pendulum will eventually swing back in the other direction to the next area of passion that needs attention for a season.   We must:


dive in


take risks


do the thing


follow the alternative path


drink deeply




find the place


say a dramatic no


embrace a dramatic yes


My expectation for this year is that it will have less balance and more passion.  That there will be more depth and grit and life in my creative practice and less worry about how to get to everything and everyone.


My intention is simply to listen and create.  And then listen and create some more.  To respond to the cry that exists simultaneously in my belly and my heart.  The cry is demanding and persistent like a newborn baby and I am delighted beyond measure to respond.


The Secret Garden journal

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List it Tuesday: 25 Things We’ve Done

25 things we've done-1

I married my college sweetheart a few short weeks after my 21st birthday.  We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last week.  {Actually, we agreed that we’ll be celebrating all year. ;)}  On the way out the door to dinner, I grabbed a small Moleskine sketchbook and stuck it in my coat pocket.  I didn’t really have any major journaling agendas, but I feel strange not having something to write on at all times and my current journal is a 9 x 12 sketchbook.  {Since my bag for the evening was tiny and beaded, there was no way it was going to slip into my purse.}

Over a wonderful dinner, we talked about past, present & future and because I’m a list girl {and had a journal in my pocket} we made two lists.  {Just a note – while we have all sorts of life goals and plans in writing, these lists were spontaneous and from the heart…} Here’s the first:

25 Things We’ve Done

* had brilliant babies

* bought a house

* started a business {several actually}

* traveled to MS; TX; HI; CT; NYC; NC; Sydney, NSW, AU, {we forgot so many…}

* mastered communication {with each other & well enough to teach others}

* healed old wounds

* made decisions and stood by them

* bought a beautiful horse {and have ridden said horse with no bit}

* rescued a blind German Shepherd Dog

* owned chickens

* read hundreds of books

* taught our children to read hundreds of books

*  made several trips to the ER

* lost a baby

* found our hearts

* learned to take care of ourselves

* asked questions {and found a few answers}

*  made good friends

*  found wise counsel

*  figured out when to walk away

*  buried a father

*  laughed & cried

*  furnished a home {in our style}

*  learned to shoot a gun

*  opened our home

* We have become our selves

{Yes, I know there are 26, but we lost count about halfway through the memories & bottle of wine…}

P.S.  If you really like lists, don’t forget to check out List it Tuesday over at Artsyville

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Behind the Pages {Jan 10-18}

I am slowly falling into the groove of putting everything into one place.  {currently the Exacompta journal}  Slowly.  It’s like learning a dance; I now know the steps, but still step on toes.  Often.  Here are last week’s pages.  I’m a little slow in posting them, because Rands & I took a weekend trip and I was away from the scanner and comp.  And actually, it’s more than a week’s worth of pages because I’ve included pages {in progress} from the trip.

Scanned Image 100210000

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Soren Kierkgaard   This quote has been my facebook status for a week now.  It’s what my journals are about: living and simultaneously making sense of it.  This page is combination of a Sudoku page that I worked in the middle of the night + gesso + watercolor + ink + an image.  The writing is done with the fountain pen that Rands got me for Christmas.  The ink is Sailor Jentle Ink in Blue Black.  I love this ink on the plain Exacompta pages but on top of the paint & Mod Podge… not so much.  Have switched to Sharpies, Faber Castel PITT pens & Prismacolor Premier Markers {LOVE the brown ink}

Scanned Image 100210006

This was another learning page.  I started out with some old scrapbook paper that I just wanted as an under layer, but it acted funny in the crease, so I tore {or tried to tear} off a strip.  {See the interesting texture top-middle}  Am finding that I need to be a bit more gentle with this paper than the cardstock in the Moleskine sketch.  Especially when using glue & watercolor.   Layers are from watercolor, acrylic, coffee sleeve, tea tag and a 2004 photo.  {My brain randomly remembered the green sweater…Note to self:  The color green is showing up again.}

Scanned Image 100210002

Tabbed Master-To-Do-List & a diary page.  Sketch on the right is detail from the fireplace in our room.  {I love the paper in this journal for pencil sketches!}  Another note to self:  #4B Tombow drawing pencil needs to be sealed.

Scanned Image 100210003

Notes & diary entries on an almost plain page.  {Giving myself permission to do this.}  Am learning that sometimes the thing is to capture information and moments.  {Not every page has to be an Extravaganza; at times a simple capture is enough.}

Scanned Image 100210004

Raw Umber watercolor pencil & coffee wash.  When I keep things like doilies with coffee rings & coasters, I can frustrate R.  I think it’s better if I make a page right away rather than keep a stash of stuff that looks like trash to him.  {at least when we’re traveling together.}

Scanned Image 100210005

Pencil & ink.  & more proof that drawing pencils must be sealed.  “The natural rhythm of this stage is slow and if you can come to  appreciate this and accept the gifts of deep rest then this experience can even be welcomed.  The tasks for stage one are:  Waiting, keeping faith, trusting the process and being patient with poor performance.” {Quote from The Mandala Workbook by Susan F. Fincher}

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Behind the Pages {this week in pages Jan 3-9}

janus_smallPulling out old articles and writing new ones…

Same with blogs & journals.  A few old and some new.  {the archive will be here soon!}

I guess there’s a lot of that in January, looking back & forward at the same time…

Here is last week in journal pages.  Mostly pages without writing, but I made a page, took a photo or wrote every day this week. {which was my goal.  yay! me.}

Scanned Image 100080001

Sometimes I just wear myself out.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my journals and how I keep them.  {too much I think…}  In an effort to loosen up, I’ve been doing free drawing in my Morning Pages  and current journal.  Just put the pen down and see what happens.  No filtering thoughts.  These swirls & dots {that’s what came out} drawn with PRANG metallic brush markers on a watercolor wash.  The “stars” in the upper left-hand corner are made by dropping kosher salt on the wet wash and brushing off when dry.  Tea tags and stars from my stash of random stuff.  Quote:  “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” I love Oscar Wilde.

She will show you who she is

Colors & thoughts from the kitchen/great room.  A designer from Ethan Allen made the comment, “She will show you who she is.”  I like to think he was talking about me and not just the house.  😉

I'm wrestling with body imageI want to use this journal to capture conversations & ideas as well as make art pages.  Page on the left has a quote from my friend Amy {“They handle the transition because instead of getting smaller, their world gets bigger.”} plus the time for our next get together so I won’t forget.   The doodle that I doodled while talking to her looked like a calamari appetizer gone bad, so I covered it up with layers of paint & tissue.  I guess I didn’t have to mention it, but it’s what I’m wrestling with these days.  Rough drafts, mistakes & messiness.  {that and body image…}

Fossil packing tapeThe oldest Brilliant ordered some cool belts from Fossil that came in a box with this awesome packing tape.  The page is waiting for words.  Btw, I also love vegetable stickers; these are from avocados & a pomegranate used to make Liz’s Pomegranate Guacamole.  So good.  {I’ll post the recipe soon.}

Scanned Image 100080005

This Exacompta journal is already getting bulky and I still have about 90 double page spreads to go… so, I cut out some pages and made some list pages.  Have decided that this will be my Read-in-2010 list.  {I also want to add a Books-I-Want-to-Read list & a Movies-I’ve-Watched list.}

Lady Grey Tea layer 1

This page is called “Lady Grey Tea – layer 1”  I don’t know what it’s going to be yet.  I included it because this is the kind of page that is new to me: a page that is in process & not finished all in one go.

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