Madonna collage
I started a painting once
and she told me she was a mosaic, 
declaring her own textures and space.
Much as the poem asked me to write her down.
A lyric screamed.
A  photo faded to black & white.
A letter demanded my attention, throwing a tantrum
until I moved him from the bottom of the pile, to the front of my mind,
and finally, out into the sky where he could accomplish his purpose.
I started a painting once
and she sang me a song.
Saturday 28 May 2016
Sometimes when we create, we make a plan and execute the plan in a linear fashion.
And other times we must be willing to change and respond to our project as we go.
Whether you’re writing, painting, composing or weaving, you will begin a project and find that a part of the process shifts.  There will be pieces that don’t work.  Or the true end product will finally reveal itself to be very different than the original plan.  
Creativity at its core is problem solving.
Creativity requires listening.   
Creativity requires trust.
I hope that as you create today, your project talks to you.  And that you listen,
BE in your life