Photo: Kody Dahl


I call my children “The Brilliants.” Someone recently asked me if this was intentional on my part, a way to speak into their lives.
The short answer is yes.  They are a glorious amalgam of art, music, dyslexia and spirit.
The world has labels.
I decided early on that if any labels were going to be handed to my children, I would put one at the top of the list filled with life, vision and accuracy.
Here’s a short note I wrote to them last spring.
19 April 2015 To the Brilliants on Rowan’s wedding day:  Sometimes I look at you when you’re all in one place and I am blinded by who you are.  By who you’ve become when I was blinking.  I have always been resistant to people’s focus on your physical beauty.  It’s hard not to notice your faces, because it is your souls that captivate me.  It is astonishing that at one point you were small enough to live in me.  Literally, you have been here, under my heart moving and shifting things inside me. And now you are out in the world touching  hearts, creating beauty and making waves and laughter and change.  You cause shift. You shine. And when you blind me, I see  more clearly.  I love you the most.  More than the most.  Mo
I encourage you to find the best of labels.  To cast a vision for yourself.  To fall into alignment with words of life.