What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery





[extra paint and flower photos from Sedona]


Another page.  Another lesson.

This page is a testament to the dry places. Beauty exists in the desert, if we bend to it.  I’ve identified this past year, that I am not afraid of discomfort or depth or the dark.  I don’t shrink back from those places that seem void of life, but that, with a deeper look, hold hidden water and profound beauty.


The “dry places” have shown me how to honor my pace and the way that I view life/art/life.  I no longer expect others to move with me or understand how I move.  I am satisfied with walking my own path, at my own pace, seeking out treasures in hidden places.  It’s ironic to me that this page unfolded with so much color, when the sensation of this part of my life is often dark and monochromatic.



Perhaps it is because it is in here, in the wilderness and underworld, that I shine.

Be in your life,