"She no longer uses old tape measures."

“There is no need to run outside for better seeing… Rather abide at the center of your being; For the more you leave it the less you learn. Search your heart and see… The way to do is to be.” –Lao Tzu

It was my birthday last week!  I had a multi-day celebration with friends that was full of books, dinners, beautiful words, lots of art and good cake.  So many amazing people in my world!   And because I love presents, I gave myself a gift.  My birthday gift to my self was to spend time alone contemplating the year that just passed and setting intentions for the year to come.

Simply Fall

Somewhere along the way, I realized that the new year doesn’t begin for me in January.  The new and fresh has always come for me in the Fall.  Ironically, as leaves are falling like rain, crunching beneath my feet with finality, I am vibrating with the excitement of birth and new beginnings.  I used to think that it was because I was on a school schedule and really into new school supplies and fresh notebooks.  I thought it was because there was a new academic year to use as a fresh slate.  But, I have learned that it’s way more than the influence of a school calendar; it is the rhythm of my year.  My year begins in Autumn.


This past year brought an exploration of my business and my creative practice.  I learned much about the way that I live my life and how and when I create and share.  I took classes and kept notebooks, and thought I would find a mission statement or marketing plan that would be the key to this next season of empty nest.  I thought that I might create a new way of being in the studio and writing now that all of my children are out of school and mostly out of the house.  But, actually, the biggest discovery was this:

The most important offering that I have as an artist/mother/coach/mentor is my life.


Period.  That’s it.  I have spoken to my students and gotten feedback from instructors and most importantly excavated through hundreds of journal pages.  And this the conclusion that I’ve come to.  My richest product line is wrapped around my life and how I BE in my life.   My biggest influence and greatest offering is woven around the core of my creative life well-lived.  And so, I entered year 49 with this intention:

Just my face

My life and creative practice are a daily offering.  A creative life is my path/vocation/way.  I do this faithfully  inside my four walls.  This year, I intend to share more – a little something every day.  I’m giving this project my birthday.  I’m showing up with my real face.  No makeup/masks.  Just me pouring out my creative life as an offering.


Join me.  Explore your creative-life offerings.  How are you living and being that is a work of art?  Use the hashtag #iamthevessel at Instagram and Facebook.  And keep an eye out here for my stories and the stories of other creative vessels pouring out the oil of their lives on the world.