“We have another chance to navigate, perhaps in a slightly different way than we did yesterday. We cannot go back. But we can learn.”
– Jeffery R. Anderson   The Nature of Things – Navigating Everyday Life with Grace
It’s the time of year for resolutions.
It’s also the time of year where I dig in and refuse to make them.
Let me clarify.  I think SMART goals are well…smart. My calendar has been and is filled with coaching sessions helping people identify  goals and vision and vocation.  I’m all about setting goals and putting new energy behind your dreams.
Reality for me is that the “new year” happened back in the Fall.  I love a fresh school calendar, fall clothes and new supplies.  And even though school days are behind me, I still hit reset at the end of October around my birthday.

Stone Mountain and fog

January is the middle to me.  Winter is here.  In Georgia that simply means a handful of blustery, gray days and some rain.  But I’m still hunkering down and making soup and playing the long game of getting through forever nights and limited sunlight.
I have no list of resolutions.  What I have is down time and, true to my overall spiritual practice, time to reflect.  This time of year is more about orientation and course-correction than restart and beginning.
The richest lessons for me have to do with staying aware and present.  With paying attention to what it feels like when my soul is fraying at the edges.  Because if my soul comes undone how will I make, offer, do or BE?  I continue to receive feedback and let my ego dissolve.  Man, I’ve gotten some hardcore feedback this year about things I’ve done and not done.  Thank you to my sacred circle and some courageous truth speakers.  Gah.  Painful and good, like lancing a boil or stairs after leg day.   Speaking of discipline.  NO continues to strengthen my YES and I’m choosing gratitude like a boss.  Collecting gratitudes is cross fit for the soul when turkey buzzards and Persephone are your your spirit animals.
I’ve been trying on words and intentions like maybe I needed something new.  I don’t.  I’m still good with the concept of Sovereignty and the work of Inhabiting my Territory.  I want to feel Tranquil and Empowered and am aligning my behavior to bring that about.  I want to listen to my Inside Voice and use my Outside Voice in a more focused-project-to-the-back-of-the-hall kind of way.  All variations on a theme from the last couple of years.  I don’t need new, I need deep.  I’m throwing my roots down into the earth and finding water and lava and gold.  I’m reaching my hands up to the heavens to find breath and spirit and stars.  I’m singing and shouting.  I’m arranging words and flinging paint and issuing invitations for you to join.
Salud 2017.   Salud.