Christmas Journal: Cheers, Mate!

Cheers, Mate! Page 3:  An ad from Outback Steakhouse reminded me of J & inspired this page about his studies in AU.  {Text reads:  Dec 7.  This is the first time that I won’t have all of my children gathered together on Christmas morning.  I’m already thinking about it… My nest is starting to empty because my children are flying.}

"My nest is starting to empty"

"part of my heart is here..."

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I create containers for words and paint and I fill them. I craft safe, sacred spaces for people to wrestle, create, heal and shout from the mountain tops.
And I teach people to do all of these things for themselves.

  • Maria

    This is the fourth year I will be spending Christmas away from my family and closest friends. The reason is my long distance relationship. But the difference this year was that I had second thoughts. Not for a minute, or a day but for weeks. I keep feeling guilty and a ”bad” daughter for being away. These days should reflect our attitude towards family all year long. Love, positive thinking and hope that one day a house will be filled with so many cheerful voices of Mum, Dad and all the other family and friends. These voices should never stop being cheerful. Hope is present and all of us, despite being away, should nurture it in our hearts.
    Merry Christmas.

  • Pepper The Strange

    I LOVE it!