List it Tuesday: 25 Things We’ve Done

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I married my college sweetheart a few short weeks after my 21st birthday.  We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last week.  {Actually, we agreed that we’ll be celebrating all year. ;)}  On the way out the door to dinner, I grabbed a small Moleskine sketchbook and stuck it in my coat pocket.  I didn’t really have any major journaling agendas, but I feel strange not having something to write on at all times and my current journal is a 9 x 12 sketchbook.  {Since my bag for the evening was tiny and beaded, there was no way it was going to slip into my purse.}

Over a wonderful dinner, we talked about past, present & future and because I’m a list girl {and had a journal in my pocket} we made two lists.  {Just a note – while we have all sorts of life goals and plans in writing, these lists were spontaneous and from the heart…} Here’s the first:

25 Things We’ve Done

* had brilliant babies

* bought a house

* started a business {several actually}

* traveled to MS; TX; HI; CT; NYC; NC; Sydney, NSW, AU, {we forgot so many…}

* mastered communication {with each other & well enough to teach others}

* healed old wounds

* made decisions and stood by them

* bought a beautiful horse {and have ridden said horse with no bit}

* rescued a blind German Shepherd Dog

* owned chickens

* read hundreds of books

* taught our children to read hundreds of books

*  made several trips to the ER

* lost a baby

* found our hearts

* learned to take care of ourselves

* asked questions {and found a few answers}

*  made good friends

*  found wise counsel

*  figured out when to walk away

*  buried a father

*  laughed & cried

*  furnished a home {in our style}

*  learned to shoot a gun

*  opened our home

* We have become our selves

{Yes, I know there are 26, but we lost count about halfway through the memories & bottle of wine…}

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  • Betsy, Wonderful in so many ways – the beautiful way you drew your list and that it was created together. I had to laugh when I read that you can’t stand not having a journal along, as I feel the same way. And it figures that when I choose not to carry a camera, I need it. Happy anniversary!

    • Tammy – Thank you so much. I told someone on twitter that I felt like a super-hero and a princess all rolled up into one on that day. True confession: I was trying to figure out how to take my “real camera” along to document some of the beautiful table in low light, but was again thwarted by the tiny, beaded bag {also known as a not-really-a-purse}. I feel strange when I don’t have a camera because I’m always “seeing” but for the evening, the journal was perfect.

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    • mslogica – I’m a romantic too… {and I love life science.} Isn’t life an interesting mix when you love happy endings AND sorting and classifying? 😉

  • What a beautiful list of years well lived. Thank you for sharing the list with us, it made me smile. Oh, and happy anniversary!

    • iHanna – “list of years well lived.” Oh, I like that! Read it aloud to my husband so we could pat ourselves on the back. 😉 ~betsy