I am privy to some of the best conversations.  A couple of days ago, I heard this:

Luke:  {While wielding large package from fridge}  WHAT the heck is this?

Ande:  {While rolling eyes} THAT is dog food.

Luke:  Nevertheless, I would like to take out some zombies with it.

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And I teach people to do all of these things for themselves.

  • Holly Garmon

    I love the creativity of your kids!!!

    • Holly & “pepper” – they are creative {and a bit strange too!} Welcome to our world!

      Lee Ann – I think he felt like he ate dog food. But much better today. Up and about singing and off to work this evening.

  • Lee Ann

    So…instead of taking out zombies, did he end up eating it?…and consequently having a night of tummy turmoil as payback? LOL

    Hope he’s feeling better.

  • your kids are strange! i love it!

    ” Crayons are of no assistance to one who is trying to peel an orange”
    Naranjas Notradamas

  • Kristy

    The zombies had it coming.

  • Katt

    Why would he have a stomach ache…i eat cat food frequently and it’s never induced a crabby tummy…of coarse mine was dry food. LOL