Mandala Monday: A mandala for beginning

mandala & journal pages

Mandala for beginning
{extra fine sharpie marker}

October 1.  If I was a resolution maker, I’d be making some resolutions, because for me this is the beginning of the year.  I used to think it was because I’ve been on a school calendar for most of my life, but after years of gardening and listening, I now know it has more to do with the fact, that I’m tuned into cycles.  The circles and the coming and goings of seeds and seasons.

sunflower seed headAs I was driving down the road last week, over about a 10 mile section of road, I saw three different sets of vultures circling.   A reminder to set my eyes on the circle of life.  Leaves are starting to fall, the garden is a bit of mess in the loveliest of ways.  Alive with migrating butterflies and seed pods and deadheads that are feeding the birds now and falling to the ground for next year.

handful of October leavesNew things are beginning.  Odd to be so aware of them when everything seems brown and tired.  But the crisp air, fresh apples and pumpkin candles smell like Hope.  And my orange sweater with the big brown button is my party attire.
I’ve been painting pages and cleansing spaces in preparation for the soul work ahead.  I’m not really a resolution maker.  Resolutions feel too much like the performance-for-affirmation hoops I’ve stepped away from.  I am however an intention setter.  These are my intentions for this next season:

Dried hydrangeasI wish to begin with courage, reverence and authenticity and with eyes, arms and heart wide open.  In this season, I choose to honor individual story, approach and timing as I trust the Holy Spirit to reveal Path, plumb depths and clarify Voice.  Bendiciones.



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Every season has its own beauty

Hydrangea watermark

Found these dried hydrangea blooms in a friend’s garden a couple of weeks ago.  I just love the shades of blue and brown in this image.  {And the wonderful lines and design in the petals.  And the reminder.}

The reminder to embrace the timing of my life.  This flower is beautiful in all seasons.  In the spring, it’s fresh and full of color.  In the winter, elegant and serene.  I have to admit, that getting progressive lenses and seeing strands of gray in my hair has been harder than I imagined it would be when I was twenty and full of color.  But seeing these paper-thin petals waving in the wind, on a rainy day left me satisfied.  Satisfied both with my season and my self.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.  Ecclesiastes 3:1

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