Yesterday was a ‘Good Mail Day’

One of my favorite books is Good Mail Day by Jennie Hinchcliff & Carolee Gilligan Wheeler.  In it they describe a ‘Good Mail Day’ as, “a day when, instead of just bills, catalogs, and advertisements, your postal carrier delivers artful, beautiful, personal mail from friends and acquaintances all over the world.”

We got this postcard from the Aussie Brilliant yesterday.  {Have I mentioned that I really enjoy the fact that my children are funny?  Still giggling…}

postcard AU

postcard AU 2

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I am privy to some of the best conversations.  A couple of days ago, I heard this:

Luke:  {While wielding large package from fridge}  WHAT the heck is this?

Ande:  {While rolling eyes} THAT is dog food.

Luke:  Nevertheless, I would like to take out some zombies with it.

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Joshua’s Christmas song

Christmas chat w_Joshua

After several internet fails & some quirky timing issues, we finally got to have a Christmas chat w/Joshua.  {Technically, it was our Christmas Day & Boxing Day for him.} As it turns out the Cañas family was online in Nashville, so it turned into a big fat cousin chat.

And we got our song from Joshua.  Here it is; especially for all of you who only got to go home in your heart…

I’ll Be Home For Christmas2

Verse 1:

I got sand not snow underneath my toes and my heart is full and faint.

Can someone tell me please where I’m supposed to be?

Saint Nick ain’t feeling like a saint.


So Rudolph come and fly home before I finish up this song

There should be frost instead of heat

I hope that sleigh’s got extra seats


I’ll be home for Christmas

Though I’m singing from afar

I’ll be home for Christmas

In my heart

Verse 2:

Seas away from my family. Will I make it through the day?

I need some Christmas cheer, ’cause it just ain’t fair

Too warm for Frosty to come play


Ho ho ho I’m wrapping presents – singing carols

Ho ho ho and the sun is shining bright

Ho ho ho I’m wearing sandals under mistletoe

Ho ho ho Hey but everything’s all right


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