chocolate cake diptych watermark

My next door neighbor shared some Amish Friendship Bread starter with us last month.  The last batch went away when we went out of town.  Just couldn’t bring myself to ask the dog sitter to take care of bread starter too.  Since the new batch arrived, we’ve made LOTS of bread.  And given away bread and given away starter… and so on and  so on.  But I have to admit it’s one of those things where the follow-through starts to get tough.  The part where you have to count days and add flour & sugar… and remember that it’s sitting in a ziplock just waiting to explode all over the counter if neglected.

Somewhere along the way, I was told that if you name your starter, the personification helps with the tending.  So, I decided that the last batch of starter needed to be named.  There were three bags of starter on the counter and a kitchen full of young men when I asked for name suggestions.   The result was as follows:

* Gerard Butler

* Daniel Craig

and * Christian Bale

{The next day Gerard Butler went to friend Katie’s house}

So we were left with:


We’ve had lot’s of fun with the whole thing.  Here’s a favorite overheard conversation:

“Where’s Gerard Butler?”

“He went to Katie’s house.  I hope she remembers to squeeze him.”


Yesterday was the day for baking.   We baked Batman. {in Chocolate w/ Ghiradelli chocolate chips} and now have four bags of starter with new names to tend  and give away.  {What do you think of the new names?}