Revelation is not Restoration
Thursday 9 June 2016
I got some deep insight into my practice yesterday.
My friend Katie Snyder graciously came by the studio  and talked all things photography with me.  She even gave me a refresher course on camera details and work flow AND asked some really great questions.  In our conversation, I not only got information; I gained understanding into why I put the camera down in the first place.
Here’s the deal.  When you get a revelation, it’s just that, a revelation.  It’s data.

A revelation is  great information.  A revelation is a starting point.  

A revelation is not the end game

You have to do the work of weaving your new discoveries into your practice and life.  It takes  time to  walk out RESTORATION.

 You must execute the clear steps in front of you.  Or thrash about in the dark woods until you find a path. Either way,. it takes the time it takes.

It’s tempting to think that the new information is enough. A revelation  is weighty.  And in the moment, when you feel the power of accurate insight, it seems transformative.  However, without follow-through, revelation remains data.
We must act on what we know.  Because that’s how resoration happens.  With practice and application.
That meant that after talking about photography, I had to pick up my camera and walk out the revelations.  
  • Start with joy.  
  • Remember what you know.  
  • Dark and light need each other.
What Revelatons are you holding in your hand.  What is the path to Restoration?  
I hope that today you receive a REVELATION – an insight full of shift and truth and that you then walk the path of RESTORATION with courage and joy.
BE in your life,