Spring photos: On motion & giving Winter the middle finger…

Maple Blossom drops

I’ve been out with my camera several times this Spring.  Mostly on rainy days…mostly in the little pockets of time that I set aside in the morning for art.  What I haven’t done is process many of the photos.  I’ve also started a new journal, but have yet to share pages.  {Oh, hello Follow-through you’re not my favorite guy in the world.   But I do like you once we sit down and chat.}


Between having three of the Brilliants in a play {and working on the set of said play} AND taking an emergency trip to TX when my mother fell and broke her kneecap, finishing/sharing art just hasn’t been at the top of the list the past couple of weeks.   As a matter of fact, I’ve been congratulating myself on even picking up a camera and a paint brush.  Often, the artistic experience is simply about continued motion; it’s about finding the place where you hold onto artistic endeavors in spite of how busy life can be. Of course, movement is only one part of the formula.  Eventually there has to be process time.   Time to make sense of the bits and pieces.  But for today, I’m giving myself credit for sketches scribbled on the plane & unprocessed photos.

Actually, it all seems to line up – the new birth of Spring and the bustle of activity around the house.  Like we’re waking up from winter’s hibernation.  Still stretching, not quite at full-speed, but moving nonetheless.

Here are a couple more Spring shots – daffodils & a maple tree in the rain.

By the way, the front garden is currently full of verbena, yarrow & iris blooming and about to bloom.  Plus, the weather has been perfect, so I’ve resumed walking the garden in the mornings.  {Photos of dogwoods, cherry blossoms & Texas wildflowers to come soon…}


a couple of shots of maple blossoms in the morning sun

Maple blossoms morning

blossoms w bokeh

and one that looks like Spring giving Winter the middle finger

Giving winter the middle finger

a rainy morning in the garden

garden ornaments texture

daffodil blossom texture

Daffodil in rain 2010

and a favorite sunshine photo

maple in the morning sun

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I create containers for words and paint and I fill them. I craft safe, sacred spaces for people to wrestle, create, heal and shout from the mountain tops.
And I teach people to do all of these things for themselves.

  • Elizabeth

    Lovely. Thank you for the reminder to “walk the garden” in the mornings. Maybe I’ll borrow Caroline’s camera.

  • Megan

    Why I love your blog and journals.

    You have a deep grasp on the meaning of everyday life and when reading what you write I can feel through your descriptions, your connectedness and your art. I’m intrigued and so envious because with everything I do I struggle with just that. Your words flow to make sense of even what you describe as the chaos around you and with everything you create and produce you inspire. You inspire me to fight my own brick wall that stands between me and myself. The brick wall that is built with things I need to get done while neglecting the attention I should be giving to myself. I fight self-discovery and truth out of fear and though I’ve yet to conquer that demon, I can recognize the battle. I can be envious. I can be inspired. Thank You.

    • Megan, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment so beautifully and authentically. If you were in one of my classes, I would tell you to print out your own comment and stick it in your journal. It shows self-awareness and candor.

      It’s always amazing to me when my words make sense to people. {I think it’s that broken part of me that often feels misunderstood even when the communication is clear…} I am profoundly humbled that my story inspires you. Most days I’m just putting one foot in front of the other, being a wife & mother and pinching myself to remember to keep my self/artist-self in the formula.

      You said, “I fight self-discovery and truth out of fear and though I’ve yet to conquer that demon, I can recognize the battle.”

      Yes. Exactly. Self-discovery can be painful. Self-discovery is a lot like birth {and battle} in that way. {mess included…} But I think it is worth it. Because at the end of the day the world needs what you, Megan, will create. I believe that in recognizing the tension you are doing the hard work of being present. I believe that you aren’t happy with brick walls and sanitary conditions and that eventually we’ll see more of you and your art.

      I can’t wait.


  • joshua

    Dig it.

    Very true. You gots to keep that ideal in perspective, and just DO stuff sometimes.

    The daffodil is way cool! He seems happy (: good pic

    ‘I like what mommy photographs!’