Gratitude arises from paying attention, from being awake in the presence of everything that lives within and without us.

~ David Whyte

Saturday 7 May 2016


Today has been a day for details.  For action lists and small noticings.  I used to believe that the two were mutually exclusive. I am learning that it is possible to both accomplish and pay attention

white breasted nuthatch with shining leaves

white breasted nuthatch with shining leaves   May 2016

I’ll admit that I have an interesting relationship with details.  I can fall so far down the rabbit hole of ‘getting it right’ that I stall or step over into perfectionism.  In short, I become a challenging human and everything in my life suffers.

There is a sweet spot in engaging with details that expands gratitude and increases presence.  These are the “noticings” that are pure soul care.  Attention to detail is vital to creative practice, relationships and spiritual practice.   However, we must hold details loosely, and be sure that they stay in the realm of beauty and not control.  That they are grounding us and connecting us to the world.


lantana and hammered spoon garden marker

lantana and hammered spoon garden marker

As always, breath is wonderful indicator.

Are you gasping with delight?  Are you breathing deeply because you’re  grounded and content?

I have a planter of herbs on the back deck with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.   Planted in that order of course.  I love that the herbs match the lyric of a song that I listened to on repeat in junior high.   It makes me smile every time.

There’s also a huge pot of lavender and lantana to attract butterflies and a pot of dill planted in hopes that Monarchs will visit and that there will be caterpillars to chomp it up.


I hope that the details you weave into your life today change your breathing to the rhythm of contentment and wonder.

BE in your life,