artjournaling workshop june 3-24

I’m really excited about wild thyme’s {prompts & inspiration} workshop. {!} I started keeping journals when I was in college – mostly text and lists, with a quote thrown in now and again. Most content was written in black and white with an occasional doodle or blue pen for color & interest.  However, a few years ago, the scrapbook supplies on my shelf started making their way onto my canvases and into my journals. And my sketchbooks started becoming one with my journals.  I describe my workshops as a grand collision.   A collision not only between text,art and life, but between How & Why.  I believe that if you answer the question WHY, eventually the HOW becomes more clear.  And an art journal is the perfect medium for both discovering and capturing.  Our four weeks together will be filled with technique & prompts born not only from my journey between the pages but from your discoveries about your self and your preferences.

We’ll be talking about layers, favorite colors and design.

pink daisy texture

And we’ll be making lists and capturing dreams.


If you’re in the ATL come join us.  If you’re not, keep an eye out, we’re dreaming up some virtual experiences too. & cupcakes,


P.S.  If you’re local and this round of dates doesn’t work, don’t worry, there’s more coming this summer!